What is the estimated delivery time?

Regular shipping is 3 days and it is free. Overnight Delivery will cost you an additional fee.

Is there Customs or Duty Fees? 

We pay these fees so you don’t have to! The total billed at checkout is the final amount you pay, inclusive of VAT, with no additional charges at the time of delivery!

Can I buy medications online without prescription?

Yes! You can buy medications online from us without any prescription. We offer high quality and original drugs. This medicines will be delivered to your doorstep. We assure you the quantity, quality and efficacy of our drugs. The only task you have to do is logging in to our website Factual Medicine and place your order. Fill in the details correctly and your order will be delivered to you between 24 to 48 hours.

Is this site safe to buy medications online?

It is safe to buy Medicines online from a well- established and reliable pharmacy like Factual Medicine. We are one of the few online pharmacies that deliver your package discreetly and hassle-free. Buy Medicines Online Without Prescription at Factual Medicine

What are the method of payment you offer?

We accept Paypal, Cash on Delivery, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bitcoin, etc.

How do I place an order?

1: Search for the medication you need.
2: Click on the ‘Buy’ button for your desired medication.
3: Click on ‘Continue Checkout’ to purchase your medication or repeat steps 1 & 2 to add another medication to your order.
4: Create your account and follow the easy steps to complete your order.

What happens after I place my order?

After you place your order, the information you provided will be reviewed and filled by our pharmacist, Once approved and processed, your order status will be set to approved, and moved to processing. Your order will then be shipped to you the following working day or the same Day.

How can I check that you have received my order?

You will receive an email from us confirming that your order has been placed.
If you have placed an order and not yet received this notice, please check your email program’s spam folder.

If you have placed your order correctly, checked your spam folder and have still not received a confirmation email, you can always login to your account, where you will be able to check your order status and confirmation email.

How do I change my address?

You can change your address on your account details page. Please be aware that you can also change the address for a shipment via Contact Us

How long does it take for an order to be processed?

Orders are processed as soon as we receive your payment. Receipt of your payment may take longer depending on which payment method you have selected.

Bitcoin payments are by far the quickest. If you have paid by bitcoin you can expect your order to be shipped the same day or next day.

For more questions, kindly Contact Us

What if the package is damaged or is not complete?

In such cases, you shall inform us as soon as possible. Our customer service team is always there to solve your queries. Once we get the product back, your money will be returned to you.

How are the prices at Factual Medicine so low?

We try to keep our prices as low as we can without harming service and quality, simply by reducing costs where possible, low margins, small staff, batch shipping, more returning customers and no physical distribution center. By transferring our business to the web reduced our maintenance costs by 50% and enabled us to offer our customers much more affordable prices.

How do we ensure your privacy?

Factual Medicine is committed to preserving your medical and personal information privacy. All data we receive is legally protected under doctor-patient privilege laws. Our online ordering system is using the latest Secured Encryption Technologies and all personal and credit card information will be submitted using the highest levels of technical security with all reasonable precautions. Our system also has safeguards in place to protect against credit card fraud. Individuals attempting to fraudulently use credit cards will be reported immediately.

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